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We embrace the poor and homeless with the compassion of Jesus Christ, as a beacon hope and healing for a changed life, helping them to find their way home. 

Coins for Caring

Coins for Caring

We have officially started our 2014-2015 Coins for Caring fundraiser. We are happy to report that the following schools will be participation in this year fundraisers.

Alpine Vista School
Buena Vista School
Cherry Avenue Middle School
Cypress School
Garden School
Heritage School
Kohn School
Lincoln School
Live Oak Middle School
Los Tules Middle School
Maple School
Mission Valley School
Mulcahy Middle School
Pleasant School
Roosevelt School
Sundale School
Tulare Christian School
Wilson School

We would like to say Thank You to Tulare County Federal Credit Union for counting and cashing in our coins at no cost. This year their generosity has exceeded our expectation when they offered to purchase the Target gift
card that goes to the winning class from each school. We are truly blessed to live in such a great community like we have in Tulare. 

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