Dave Clevenger

Chief Executive Officer

Dave is a visionary leader, community builder, non-stop innovator and serial entrepreneur. He currently holds the following roles: Principal of Community Impact Corps/Pre-Fab Innovations, LLC., Chief Executive Officer (founding) of Kings Gospel Mission in Hanford (since 2015) and the Lighthouse Rescue Mission in Tulare (since 2019)

Dave served 22 years in the Navy with the following notable assignments:
• Supply Department Head (Lieutenant) at Naval Hospital Lemoore
• 2 Marine Corps Combat Medic Tours (OEF 2012 and Southwest Asia Campaign 1995)
• 2 Navy Vessels (USS Juneau and USS Coronado)
• 3 Shore Tours (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Navy Personnel Command and MCAS Miramar)

Dave holds a Master’s in Healthcare Administration and has successfully started the following businesses:
• Homeless Rescue Mission (Kings County’s first)
• Manufactured Home Factory
• Thrift Store
• 2 Recycling Centers
• 2 Downtown Cleaning Crews with Carts
• Mobile Shower Unit

Dave is currently leading an affordable housing innovation initiative which promises to place 10,000 factory-built affordable housing units in service by 2030.

Saved by grace alone in 2011, Dave passionately pursues Christ by loving God and loving our neighbors in word and deed.

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View Dave's Videos about his approach to ending homelessness and current projects here:

Logan Stevens

Business Development and Industries Lead

Logan started with TLRM in August 2019 as a volunteer at Collette’s Closet. It wasn’t long before she was hired for part time and then full-time work, eventually managing the store. After several months, she was looking for more of a challenge and is now responsible for business development and is the Industry lead. Recently graduating from Cal Poly San Louis with a degree in business administration, she is putting her talents to good use at TLRM.

She loves the idea of building community and has seen people come out of homelessness. “The future is bright at TLRM and I am excited to be part of it,” says Stephens.

Fred Brown

Board of Directors

Fred Brown is one of the newest members of the TLRM Board of Directors, joining in 2018. He felt it was the best way for the churches in the Tulare community to unite and work together and improve the quality of life for the homeless in Tulare. “As Christians, we need to be functioning members of the body of Christ. This organization is a tremendous avenue for any Christian to be functioning and participating” says Brown.

Fred has been self-employed for over 40 years, currently owning California Turf Equipment and Supply.

Bob Cherry

Board of Directors

Bob Cherry joined the TLRM Board of Directors in 2017. He had two good friends on the Board who shared the mission and wanted him to be part of the change they were seeing in Tulare. Bob has a strong desire to reflect the love of Christ into a situation where people are in despair and wants to be part of the solution. Bob says “creating opportunities for folks to take steps to transform their lives” is why he is part of the Lighthouse Board.

Bob has been a Pastor at Tulare First Baptist Church since 2014.

Tim Dodson

Board of Directors

Tim Dodson has sat on the TLRM Board of Directors for about ten years. He is passionate about the mission and it is his way to serve God, serve His people in need and serve the community of Tulare. Tim likes hearing and sharing the stories of success, such as families reuniting. Tim shared “the best is when you see a former guest that appears to be doing well and you know that the TLRM played a role in their success.”

Tim has been a CPA in Hanford and now Tulare for over 20 years.

Ray Fonseca

Board of Directors

Ray Fonseca has been proudly serving on the TLRM Board of Directors since 2016. He enjoys working with the other board members and seeing the vision they all have. According to Ray, the Board wants to make a difference in their community, seeing lives transformed and hopefully make a difference with those who really want help. Ray shared “once I looked into what the Lighthouse was doing, I decided to get involved to try and help make a difference.”

After working in trucking management for 40 years, Ray is now retired. He enjoys working at his own pace by doing some bookkeeping and sales. In his spare time, Ray loves spending time with his beautiful wife, five adult children and six great grandchildren.

Melissa James

Board of Directors

Melissa James is one of the newest members of the TLRM board, joining in 2018. She joined the board because she has seen what they have done for the community, especially women. She wanted to offer her specific expertise in management and nursing perspective to the organization. “I love our mission to help others in need” says James.

Melissa is a registered nurse, educator, leader and Infection Preventionist who currently freelances as a consultant in those areas. She has sat on the Tulare School Board for 24 years.

Louis Sparks

Board of Directors

Louis Sparks has been serving the homeless in Tulare at the behest of God who called him to do so in 2004. At that time, he worked closely with the city and other community members to launch the TLRM in 2005. According to Louis, the TLRM’s greatest asset has always been the people who make up the community of Tulare and the TLRM’s purpose in building and strengthening that community of those less fortunate amongst us. “We serve an awesome God in an incredible community amongst the greatest of people; what more could one want?”

Louis serves as the pastor of the Tulare Foursquare Church, The River, and has done so since October 2000.

Raymond Van Beek

Board of Directors

Raymond Van Beek was asked to join the TLRM board in 2006 and didn't imagine he would still be on the board in 2020! “What started as yes I can help, has grown into this thing that is making an impact in the community, and I want to be part of it” says Van Beek. Raymond is proud to be part of a rescue mission that originally started as a women’s shelter and is now assisting men in the community too.

Raymond has been in agriculture his entire life, while growing up his family was in the dairy business. In 1998, Raymond made the change and now grows almonds, walnuts and pistachios.

Roni Wilbur

Board of Directors

Roni Wilbur has been humbled and privileged to work alongside Greg Henerd and Louis Sparks as they formed the first TLRM Board and remains proud to be a Board member. Her heart has been with the Women and Children Shelter but is excited to see such healing and growth as TLRM has expanded to the Men’s Shelter. “It’s been a pleasure to work with our Auxiliary ladies who have served with me these past 10 years” says Wilbur. Roni shares that they give their time and resources to help our community with their donations to support the mission of TLRM.

Roni comes from a family of diversified farmers, growing crops and nuts. She has had the honor and privilege of being a stay at home mother and wife for many years now

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