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Workforce Supportive Housing

The Lighthouse Rescue Mission provides a longer term housing option for clients who need more than overnight shelter and may not ready for fee-based housing. This program is called Workforce Supportive Housing. Clients who participate in Workforce Supportive Housing are able to maintain a bed each night by volunteering 2 hours a day, or 14 hours per week, at any of our Lighthouse facilities and Industries.  

Workforce Supportive Housing is an essential step in progressing out of homelessness. By participating in daily positive and purposeful, the homeless: 

  • Do not have to return to the streets during the day

  • Gain a sense of purpose and intention

  • Gain skills that can be used in future employment opportunities

Features: ​

  • Secure facilities - Men's, Women's, and Family 

  • Shared rooms and bathrooms (2-3 people per room)

  • Daily meals

  • Laundry

  • Television and internet

  • Bible studies

  • Spacious common living areas

  • Positive and purposeful work 

  • Peer support community 


  • Participate in daily positive and purposeful activities to maintain bed.

  • Abide by wake-up and curfew schedules.

  • Commitment to sobriety.

  • Commitment to progressing out of Workforce Supportive Housing.

  • Maintain good and supportive relationships with fellow clients and staff. 

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